An alternative workspace when you need a safe break from home

Has the covid era added a NEW WRINKLE to working from home?

NEW to working from home? 

Don’t wait until life returns to ‘normal.’

Make your work-life WORK NOW. 

work from here

What we offer:

A quiet, beautiful place to focus with minimal distraction.

Adherence to social distancing and cleaning norms for your peace of mind.

Great backdrops for your zoom meetings.

Gorgeous garden views. 

Prime downtown location.

ADA accessibility

Includes: Your choice of available rooms. Wireless internet. Beautiful artwork. BYO snacks and beverages. 

How to: Click on a room below to reserve your place (for a couple of hours or a full day). We’re open from 9 am – 4 pm, Monday-Friday. 

To keep the house going, we ask for a thoughtful donation in the $5-10 range. Once you finish making your reservation, you’ll be connected directly to PayPal (there is a credit card option).  Sorry, we can’t take cash or check payments at this time.

Historic: Picture this: You, surrounded by art, working in a spacious room built when symmetry and attention to detail was the style. Can you feel your inner planets align?  

The Pomerene Center for the Arts is housed in the oldest documented house within the Coshocton city limits. The Johnson-Humrickhouse Home, as it is formally named, was built in 1836 and has survived through major war times, The Great Depression, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic… Like Eleanor Roosevelt, who felt that having a purpose is what kept her going late in life, we strive to keep this old house relevant by serving a community purpose.