Alumni Show opening April 27th, 2019 at 6:30pm


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If you had the pleasure of being her student, odds are she changed your life for the better! Mrs. Beall taught high school art for 34 glorious years, 1984-2018, retiring this past spring. It has been her vision for some time to see the works of her students in a collective show. Mrs. Beall is putting together an Alumni Show opening April 27th, 2019 at 6:30pm. What better way to show your love and gratitude, than to participate in this event. A few things You need to know 1) You must have taken a high school class with Mrs. Beall to be eligible. 1984-2018. (Sorry, Adult Watercolor Class people! You are not eligible.) 2) Work submitted needs to have been made by you in the last 10 years. 3) This show is for EVERYONE!!!! You do not need to be a “working” artist to participate. Who we are looking for: Are you a professional artist? Awesome Sauce! She wants you in her show!!! Do you make beautiful things after your 9-5 job? Stellar! Mrs. Beall wants you in her show!!! Are you someone who maybe hasn’t made art in a few years, but you love Mrs. Beall, and you want to make something? Phenomenal! She wants you in her show!!! Are you a maker of things that don’t necessarily go in the “traditional” art realm? Kudos to you! She wants you in the show!!! No artist too big, no artist too small, Mrs Beall’s Alumni Show wants you all🎨 4) Things that count; Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Mixed Media, Prints, Photography, Crafts, Films, Glass, Textiles, Metals, Animation, Jewelry, Ceramics, Woodworking, Fashion/Sewn Work, Tattoos, Music (possibility for live show!), Found Object, Furniture, Cosmetology, Performance Art, Floral Arrangements, Auto Detailing, Cake Decorating, Graffiti/ Street Art, or Advertising. (I think that covers it all, but if I missed something, please let me know.)

Register to be part of the show here


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