Rent Parties

Chemistry Experiment

Johnny Dotson, Erinn Simmons & Pete Skjold| Friday, Oct 4, 7pm
Genre: Blues, Jazz, Rock
Suggested donation $10


What happens when you put a mixed up guitarist, a heavy metal drummer and a custom bass maker in an 1836 greek revival house?

Fri, Oct 4 at 7pm–The Pomerene welcomes 3 exceptional and versatile musicians to the center for a jamming session.  This is a chemistry experiment. We don’t know what will happen but we guarantee these musicians will generate great energy. Bring your friends and your own beverage and come to listen.

Want to speculate?

LISTEN to Johnny solo
LOOK at Pete’s Custom Bass Guitars
LISTEN to Erinn’s heavy metal band

Want to make a reservation?  740.622.0326 or

WHAT IS A RENT PARTY? At the time of the Great Migration north (1910-1930), blacks emigrating from the south settled the problem of Harlem’s inflated rents by throwing parties. Furniture was moved to the outside walls, musicians and refreshments were brought in, card tables were set up out of the way of the dance floor, and the doors were opened in exchange for a few bucks.

In an effort to relieve stress on our monthly budget, the Pomerene Center has adopted/adapted the Rent Party to help meet our monthly gas bill. YES! We open our doors at 7:00pm on First Friday evenings, October-April and present great acoustic music– great times (especially if you bring your friends!) –and great food $3 per plate. Suggested donation $10 at the door.

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