Rent Parties

The Saturday Giant

Friday, Feb. 7, 7pm
@ the Pomerene Center for the Arts
Suggested donation $10
Reserve a table | 740.622.0326 or

Who is The Saturday Giant ?
The Saturday Giant is the one-man art-rock band from Columbus, Ohio, established in 2010.

What does the press have to say about him?

“Previously, Andrew Bird was the one exception to my anti-one-man-band rule. As of last weekend, Saturday Giant is my new exception” –The Other Paper

“artful, epic, multifaceted rock music.” –Columbus Alive

“Sometimes anthemic, sometimes intimate, sometimes downright odd indie pop tunes that you just can’t stop singing.”– Indie Monday

Obviously this musician’s fortunes are going somewhere fast! So what’s he doing in this series of artful photos shot by his friend Corey Fry in a junkyard where things don’t “go” at all?Van 2 VanTV One Sheet - 5.8.13

Clues:  Note, the television IS flying in the last photo. He loves to play. He’s a techie. Modus operandi is–with his Boomerang III Phrase Sampler looping pedal–building one fragment (junk yards are all about fragments) of musical material on top of another (nothing pre-recorded)–sculpting layers of guitars, drums, bass lines, beat boxing, keyboards and vocals until the audience is “…screaming for joy watching Phil Cogley [aka The Saturday Giant] unfurl a nonstop musical highlight reel.” –Sensory Overload  

You can listen for yourself here.  But to get the full “towering wall of sound” you’ll need to hear him live. Reserve a table | 740.622.0326 or

Read more about him in Columbus Alive



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