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The Saturday Giant—Third Times a Charm

The Saturday Giant
Friday, March 25, 7pm 
@ the Pomerene Center for the Arts
Suggested donation $10
Reserve seats for you and your friends | 740.622.0326 or
Saturday Giant

Phil Cogley is back at the Pomerene for a third time as “The Saturday Giant” March 25th from 7­-9pm. If you are keeping count, this is the second Rent Party this month…April’s Rent Party presented early so we could accommodate this one man band in a suitcase. Once he unpacks and stands surrounded by his amazing cockpit of controls and instruments, THE SATURDAY GIANT lays down track on top of track–guitar, drums, bass, beat boxing, keyboards, vocals–all played live, recorded and looped (no prerecorded samples). Each song is orchestrated from the ground up.  Watch this video — it’s an equipment advert but will give you an idea about how The Saturday Giant makes his music.

This artist is all about a direct connection with his audience, machinery, and instruments. You would swear there is a whole band behind him. Your guests (if you invite your friends to come with you) will say “I didn’t know we could find this in Coshocton.” Your reply? “There’s a lot you don’t know about Coshocton.”

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WHAT IS A RENT PARTY? At the time of the Great Migration north (1910-1930), blacks emigrating from the south settled the problem of Harlem’s inflated rents by throwing parties. Furniture was moved to the outside walls, musicians and refreshments were brought in, card tables were set up out of the way of the dance floor, and the doors were opened in exchange for a few bucks.

In an effort to relieve stress on our monthly budget, the Pomerene Center has adopted/adapted the Rent Party to help meet our monthly gas bill. YES! We open our doors at 6:45pm on First Friday evenings, October-April and present great acoustic music– great times (especially if you bring your friends!) –surrounded by great art. Suggested donation $10 at the door.  Make your reservation by contacting us @  740.622.0326 or

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