Make the monster of your dreams

Sundays: Feb. 10, 17 and March 3, 2:00-4:00pm
Ages: Grades 3-8
Limit: 6 students

Instructor: Commodore Bob
Cost: $45 ($40 for friends)

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Make The Monster of Your Dreams with Commodore Bob

A clump of clay, the right tools, paint and a little help from Commodore Bob will put you on the path to making the monster of your dreams. Or should we say nightmares?

This class will be taught in 3, 2-hour sessions. 1. Feb 10–Thinking about and drawing the monster of your dreams from all sides. How does it look from the front? From the side? From the back?  Then it will be hands in the clay to find out what clay can do. 2. Feb 17–This is the day the monster is made and you’ll discover that you’re getting better and better at using the tools. 3. Mar 3–Your monster has had two weeks to dry and is back from being fired in the kiln. Time to paint!

Commodore Bob has a degree in Entertainment Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied mechanics pertaining to special effects products and animatronic systems.

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Make the Monster of Your Dreams

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