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Interactive Gallery Map: hover over a room & click to enter

Interactive Gallery Map: hover over a room & click to enter
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We hear all the time from folks that they feel special in this old house.  As your guests walk into the entry they’ll be met by the weightiness of the door, the hardware that likely weighs more on its own than an entire modern door (1),  by 11’ high ceilings, by light streaming in through the old glass, the grand stairway and curves.  The entry is all curves — curved as the stairs turn back on themselves, curves in the railing, curved coffering (2) — all finely crafted but not showy. All beautiful yet comfortable.  WELCOME.


1. That might be an exaggeration.

2. Keep in mind this home was built in 1836 before the age of power tools.


Lawyer's Office


Best light in the house.  With its built-in floor to ceiling closet and old style rack to showcase your dress, this is a perfect bridal dressing room.  Add our full-length, gold leaf framed mirror and your photographer will be delighted with the potential for creative “getting dressed” photos. The bathroom (albeit a small one) is just outside the door. Larger parties will find it handy to spill out into the Winter Kitchen across the hall.

Dining Room


This room is the central hub of the house — a great gathering space for your party as you come together. Think about greeting your guests with a table of finger foods and a selection of beverages. How fitting, since this room was the original dining room!  The Pomerene has a collection of old timey cut glass luncheon plates with matching glass cups available for your use to help make the simultaneous tasks of standing, talking and nibbling manageable.

Winter Kitchen


There are lots of clues to this room’s historic use as a winter kitchen (1) — burn marks on the floor in front of the hearth, a faint ring above the mantel indicating where a cook stove pipe vented into the chimney and  the small ‘cupboard’ door high on the wall opposite the fireplace that served to vent smoke and excess cooking heat from the room onto what used to be the back porch (the current ‘modern’ kitchen remodeled in the 1950’s).  This room serves as a spillover space for the wedding dressing party, ideal for grazing through the morning and early afternoon. It's also a lovely room to play cards in or hold a small coffee meeting.


1. The summer kitchen was a separate building off the corner of the house about halfway between the house and the studio.

Back Hall


This view is from the Dining Room. The restroom is straight ahead. The Lawyer’s Office is to the right, the Winter Kitchen on the left.

Piano Gallery and Library


The panoramic view of these two rooms is from the interior corner at the front of the house looking through to the back of the house. The Piano Gallery and Library are connected by a 10’ open doorway but can easily be separated by closing the tall double, folding panel doors. (1) With open doors and independent access to each room from the entry hall, the flow from one room to another makes these rooms ideal for your outdoor event buffet or for sit-down dinners (wedding rehearsals, prom and homecoming, corporate...), or a senior recital. (2)

Each room has a fireplace on the north wall with matching black marble mantels.  Both are flanked by a bookcase on one side and a window on the other.  


1.  These doors predate the pocket door which was a Victorian Era invention.

2.  40 people can be seated comfortably at tables.