A Friday in June at Nightfall.

The sun falls behind the hills west of Main Street, giving off an orange glow only summer is capable of producing. The sounds of insects pervade the air; background noise sounding from the courthouse lawn. A soft breeze sways the trees as darkness slowly falls, just as it does every other night, yet, something is different, something has changed.

As the street lights give off their incandescent glow, lighting the street, breathing over the cement; foreign colors disturb the homeostasis. Where the Park Hotel once stood, a space lives. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this space is home to something new, something beautiful. A place where people can gather and learn, invent, produce new ideas. Tonight is one of those such nights.

The seats occupied, arranged in rows, people on the ground with blankets, snacks and drinks. All of them anticipating the same thing: an experience.

A projector purrs..


Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass’s Koyannisqatsi is a meditation on human beings’ effect on this planet. With the use of slow motion and time lapsed video; we the audience get the chance to partake in an adventure across America. From the vast deserts of the west to the urban sprawl, we embark on a journey like no other. A film with no words – only music – Koyannisqatsi invites thoughts on the environment, inward thinking, and our evolution as a species; a planet. Take what you want from it; talk about it; live through it.

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