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Ron Corl


Ron Cor. Furniture Design.
Ron lives in designs furniture in a small cabin northern Coshocton County.  His production shop is outside Walnut Creek Ohio. His work has been exhibited at the Pomerene Center for the Arts, most recently as part of the exhibit  OUR HILLS ARE ALIVE, May/June 2014.

Sometimes my work creates itself. It comes along with me, holding my hand and smiling.  Through a forest, a field, or a busy downtown the curve of a buggy shaft presents itself as a bedpost,  a metallic dragonfly lands on a rock and casts a shadow on a cabinet. Other times my work comes kicking and screaming through breakups, resolutions, and reconciliations.  As I learned as a boy in my Grandma’s house, a skewed angle changes everything.

As an artist working in a shop with wood every day, I have learned a great respect for natural conditions and beauty of the material.  A tree is a perfect expression of art and life–an entire ecosystem unto itself, supporting and giving life to insects, birds, animals–eventually turning back into the earth it sprouted from. Harvested,  it is one of the most flexible mediums. A sharpened metal tool cuts into the edge of a wood slab and leaves a perfect curve to fit your thumb – yum. We dance together. The wood leads.  I bow and know that even after it is kiln dried and worked with tools, it will continue to  move with the weather.  Any attempt to keep it from its natural dance causes cracks or warp. It’s a lot like us.

Ron Corl April 26, 2014

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