Make a Difference Day 2015. Mound Building.

We began planning our Make a Difference Day project with Amish barn-raising-style dreams…swarms of people working together,Ā cutting and applying white oak flooring and walls to the artPARK platform/amphitheater…all under the direction of “Frolic” foreman Henry Stutzman. (When weĀ asked Henry how much he would charge for his day overseeing the project, he declined payment forĀ his servicesā€“ā€“in the spirit of the “national day of doing good.”)

Below are the design drawings for the structure we were gearing up to build.



Lots of prep…lots of forward movement (photos of the 3,610 sq ft of oak, log to preserved boards can be seen here) but sadly the amphitheater foundation willĀ not ready. Which meansĀ we’re switching gears and building mounds as landscape features rather than platforms as amphitheaters. We’re sorry to miss the chance ofĀ working with Henry. He’s a very kind man.



TheĀ landscape mounds weren’t intentionally designedĀ to favorĀ the ancient Adena mound on the Porteus farm west of Coshocton, rather we were looking at photos of a project with angular mounds someplace in England. Ā But the old moundĀ certainly feels familiar and if we need to make a case for artPARKĀ historic connections, we could certainly tell a story.

Old photo of the Porteus mound soon after its excavation by the Ohio Historical Society. photo credit Mound Builders Blog
Southeast Perspectivesmall
Early schematic drawing of the mounds by Tim Frank



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