Root Ball Park

An Idea

The Root Ball Park is a concept proposed by Brooklyn based VAMOS Architects for Governors Island. It didn’t happen there. We hope we can make it happen here in Coshocton. We love the idea and what it’s about–the city, its people, and its trees.

People tell us they like the temporary nature of the work the Pomerene Center is doing in the PARK space. The Root Ball Park is another simple “act of public architecture.” If it happens, the Root Balls (we’re thinking 20-25 trees) will move from place to place throughout the summer, opening opportunities for public discovery and dialogue.

The dialogue is timely considering that Coshocton is Blooming is focusing on our city trees.
1. Root Ball Park section view

2. Root Ball Park model view

3. Root Ball Park siteplan

4. Root Ball Park trees

5. Root Ball Park materials

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