Coshocton Arts Homecoming plus

Homecoming+More than anything COSHOCTON ARTS HOMECOMING plus is a party—an excuse to get together and whoop it up for the arts created and performed by folks in the county and by our creative friends and family who live “outside!"

It's a simple idea

—people who live, or have lived, or work in Coshocton invite people they know to the party....musicians, actors, dancers, puppeteers–visual, media, graphic, fiber artists—writers—culinary artists... This May 2015 performance paved the way for Coshocton Arts Homecoming plus. 2 bands—Coshocton County's own Walhonding Rube Band & 40north Trombone Quartet (with Lucas Kaspar of Coshocton)—converge playing different marches. Rising out of the overlapping sounds Momenta Quartet (with Coshocton County expat Adda Kridler) performs portions of the Second String Quartet by Charles Ives (son of George Ives and early 1900’s American composer famous for overlapping sound).