Crow Project

pasting for the Crow Homecoming

Over the years, many people in Coshocton have suggested a mural on this wall.  The surfaces are too impermanent for painting.










We began imagining the plaster wall sections as pasting surfaces for billboard-scale posters (inspired by JR’s pasting work).

Women, Rio de Janeiro by JR

Enter our interest in researching the habits of Coshocton’s winter crow roost and the chance to partner with Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, inaugural exhibition artist Diana Cooper (NYC), and Kenyon professor Karen Snouffer’s “Painting Redefined” studio class. Coshocton’s crow data was translated into art in March 2012. (Thanks locally, to the Simpson Family Fund at the Coshocton Foundation.)

Crow Wall panel #6/12

We’ll be pasting 2500sq.ft. of paper as part of the first ever Coshocton Crow Homecoming 2-4pm, November 17, 2012. 

photoshopped version of the wall

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