• Crow Project

    First Coshocton CROW Homecoming ever

    2-4pm Saturday, November 17 Who you can expect to see:  Clarence the Crow and the CT Crow Here’s the schedule: OPENING CEREMONIES 2pm Mayor’s Address Crow welcome – Coshocton Convention and Vistor Bureau Director, Jan Meyers About crows and the artwork – Pomerene Center Director & Community Artist,Anne Cornell 2:30 ARE YOU AS SMART AS A CROW CONTEST Things to do Paste a piece of the WALL Have your picture taken with a Crow Listen to music by Johnny Dotson Add to our suggestion box: What should we do for Crow Homecoming 2013? Eat & Drink Drunken Crow Quesadillas by Chef Bruce Kotab @ the Warehouse Steak n’ Stein Pizza…

  • Crow Project

    pasting for the Crow Homecoming

    Over the years, many people in Coshocton have suggested a mural on this wall.  The surfaces are too impermanent for painting.                   We began imagining the plaster wall sections as pasting surfaces for billboard-scale posters (inspired by JR’s pasting work). Enter our interest in researching the habits of Coshocton’s winter crow roost and the chance to partner with Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, inaugural exhibition artist Diana Cooper (NYC), and Kenyon professor Karen Snouffer’s “Painting Redefined” studio class. Coshocton’s crow data was translated into art in March 2012. (Thanks locally, to the Simpson Family Fund at the Coshocton Foundation.) We’ll be pasting 2500sq.ft. of paper as part of…

  • Crow Wall

    Crow Wall

    This is a photoshop image of CROW WALL panels superimposed onto the  the old Park Hotel wall.  The panels were created by students in Karen Snouffer’s “Painting Redefined” studio  class in collaboration with the new Gund Gallery at Kenyon College and inaugural exhibition artist Diana Cooper (NYC). We’re working on the logistics of enlarging the panels to billboard size for pasting onto  the raw plaster walls clinging to the brick.