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Todd Malenke


Todd lives and works in northeastern Coshocton County.    His work can be seen at regional juried art festivals and is represented locally by Commonwealth Americana  and exhibited most recently at the Pomerene Center for the Arts as part of the exhibit OUR HILLS ARE ALIVE, May/June 2014.

Eastern Coshocton County has been my home for the last 29 years. I share my house with Patti, my wife, several cats and dogs, and occasionally, one of our three children with their family will visit. About twenty years ago I built a studio near my house where I do my work. My work involves mostly the forging of hot steal so I have gas forges, lots of hand tools, an anvil, a large stationary pneumatic hammer, welders, torches, and grinders to assist me in the process of forming the metal. The finish on my work is often natural oxidation patina controlled by heat, and sometimes I paint the work. The painted pieces can go outside. Other work is fine inside but its surface must be kept dry. The natural world of plant and animal life, the human figure, and the marine world are the sources for most of my designs. For the “Hills are Alive” exhibit, my entries tend to have a whimsical and humorous streak.

Todd Malenke  April 13, 2014


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