• artPARK

    PARK picnic area

    Responding to community suggestion, Project to Restore America has arranged a private donation to fund a picnic area in the PARK space. This artistic and useful addition to the Main Street area in Coshocton will help make downtown more enjoyable for residents and visitors and perhaps over time increase the tourism industry in the City of Coshocton. The patterned brickwork is inspired by a Byzantine mosaic motif, the benches and tables by furniture on the High Line in NYC. (Not pictured in the drawings below)–the project includes a shade sail area allowing for use of the space throughout the day.

  • Crow Wall

    Crow Wall

    This is a photoshop image of CROW WALL panels superimposed onto the  the old Park Hotel wall.  The panels were created by students in Karen Snouffer’s “Painting Redefined” studio  class in collaboration with the new Gund Gallery at Kenyon College and inaugural exhibition artist Diana Cooper (NYC). We’re working on the logistics of enlarging the panels to billboard size for pasting onto  the raw plaster walls clinging to the brick.