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    3rd Annual Crow Homecoming

    The Pomerene Center for the Arts is proud to present DANCING IN THE CROWS–the 3rd Annual Crow Homecoming, Saturday November 8, 11-3pm, in the 300 Block of Main Street, Coshocton, OH. Lots of free fun. Why a Crow Homecoming? Fiercely territorial and loyal to their family groups during the summer nesting season, crows undergo a fall/winter transformation and become “communal” by the thousands to roost, i.e. sleep together. These roosts are one of the great animal phenomena of the world. Notoriously intelligent, crows have moved their once rural roosts into towns where they find light, warmth and safety. Coshocton is one of those towns. Annually, upwards to 10,000 crows gather nightly…

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    Dancing Wheels

    SATURDAY, NOV. 9 2013| 4:30pm Lake Park Pavilion, 23253 State Route 83 North Coshocton, Ohio Coshocton is home to a winter roost of crows, meaning annually, upwards to 10,000 crows gather nightly from early November to early March in a line of trees along the river. It is hard to watch the crows flying in to roost without thinking somehow it’s a dance–so many bodies moving together through space–in time with each other…So dance the crows in we will!As part of the 2nd Annual Crow Homecoming, the Pomerene Center for the Arts presents Dancing Wheels, one of the premier arts and disabilities organizations in the U.S. “Dancing Wheels is proof that the possibilities are…

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    Rainbow Crow

    September 2013–In researching all things crow for the 2nd ANNUAL COSHOCTON CROW HOMECOMING we came across a beautiful Lenape/Delaware  Indian myth about the world when it was never cold and Crow was a rainbow colored bird with a beautiful singing voice. When snow & ice appear Crow agrees to make a journey to ask The Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be to think the world warm again. The Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be could not un-think snow & ice so he thinks fire, lights a torch off the sun and gives it to Rainbow Crow. Over the long flight back to earth Rainbow Crow is charred and turned forever…