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    Ed has class Anne has funk–ikebana style

    Tuesday, February 10, 6:30-8pm @ the Pomerene Center Limit : 14 people $20 proceeds benefit the Pomerene Center for the Arts. Registration required. You can register by 1.calling the Pomerene @ 740.622.0326 or Kiefer’s @ 740-622-3993 2. emailing us  3. clicking the buy now button below–we’ll email you your registration confirmation Announcing another annual Ed Has Class, Anne Has Funk flower arranging evening–this year we’re playing around with Ikebana. A cautionary word–expect a funkified (i.e. recycled materials in addition to natural material) Ikebana experience. Ikebana or Kado is the beautiful, distinctive Japanese flower arrangement art based on the interrelationship between Heaven, humankind and earth. It’s a triangle Ed Kiefer is supplying the containers,…

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    Acrylics–textures, layers & Metallics

    Acrylics–Textures, Layers & Metallics; a painting workshop with Jacqueline Sullivan SPONSORED BY COSHOCTON VILLAGE INN & SUITES March 28, 9-4pm We’ll take an hour off for lunch–options: brown bag and eat at the Presbyterian Church or go out/home for lunch. Where: 2nd floor Coshocton Presbyterian Church Cost: $85 tuition + $10 supply fee Limit: 7 (min) 10 (max) students ages 15 and over, all levels to register call 740.622.0326, click to download registration form SOLD OUT! BUT GIVE US A CALL IF YOU WANT US TO PUT YOU ON OUR WAITING LIST or purchase the class below registration deadline February 28         J. Sullivan Copper Texture Collage     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxJ. Sullivan Untitled This class is about building a painting…

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    Watercolor Workshop with Chris Misencik Bunn

    Watercolor Workshop with Chris Misencik Bunn cost $100 limit 10 students ages 15 and over, all levels October 18th, 9am-4pm We’ll take an hour off for lunch–options: brown bag and eat at the Pomerene or go out/home for lunch. to register call 740.622.0326, click to download this form or register online below This workshop is designed to help students learn to watercolor in a spontaneous and innovative way while developing their own personal style.  All you need is a sense of adventure! Emphasis will be placed on water ratio of paper and paint brush, color combinations, and elements and principals of design. My goal is to help students to be more confident while…