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    SAVE THE WORLD STORIES — with your friends

    SAVE THE WORLD STORIES — with your friends YOUNG POM ARTISTS CLUB led by Anne Cornell with guest artists Grades 7-12, $5/week 12:30-2pm, Wednesdays June 7- July 26 Building on their manga/anime drawing skills, young artists will explore making and animating shadow puppets to tell SAVE THE WORLD STORIES. We’ll be paying particular attention to the German artist Lotte Reiniger who created the first full length animated film—20 years ahead of Disney’s Snow White! Check out the videos we posted on pinterest.  The animations the young artists create will be posted on YouTube and projected in the artPARK. Speaking of shadows and how stunning they can be at night…here’s a picture of our new interactive…

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    Butterflies and Poppies, Vincent van Gogh [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons For the third year running we’ve taken our summer programming cue from the Library’s Summer Reading Program theme. 2017—Build a Better World.  AND…Since we’re excited about the butterfly enclosure coming to Clary Gardens June 28 – July 2 we’ve gotten specific.  BUILD A BETTER BUTTERFLY WORLD. And…we think we should build a better world for butterflies— They make us happy with their beautiful colors and their wandering, weightless flight. They are great pollinators and serve as natural pest control agents which makes them environmentally useful. When you see lots of butterflies, they signal a healthy ecosystem. We’ll work with young artists to make super-sized flowers…

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    FAMILY FUN, MUSIC & ARTMAKING 2017 series in the artPARK

    FAMILY FUN, MUSIC & ARTMAKING is a family-friendly, free event featuring great music. Prepare to kick back and spend a free & easy interactive time with your family, friends and neighbors. All you need to do is bring a blanket or chairs and maybe a picnic.  It’s “come as you are/go when you’re ready to leave”. We’ll have art supplies out on the lower level of the platform for anyone who wants to make a little something. When—Thursdays in July, 6pm.  IT’S FREE. Where—The artPARK wooden platform, 325 Main Street with a view of the Coshocton County Court Square. The west side of the artPARK is in shade and there is almost always a…