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    Make a Difference Day 2015. Mound Building.

    We began planning our Make a Difference Day project with Amish barn-raising-style dreams…swarms of people working together, cutting and applying white oak flooring and walls to the artPARK platform/amphitheater…all under the direction of “Frolic” foreman Henry Stutzman. (When we asked Henry how much he would charge for his day overseeing the project, he declined payment for his services––in the spirit of the “national day of doing good.”) Below are the design drawings for the structure we were gearing up to build.   Lots of prep…lots of forward movement (photos of the 3,610 sq ft of oak, log to preserved boards can be seen here) but sadly the amphitheater foundation will not ready. Which means we’re…

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    the final drawings

                The artPARK design process was supported by Dean’s Jewelry and a National Endowment for the Arts OUR TOWN grant awarded to the Pomerene Center for the Arts in partnership with Coshocton City. Through OUR TOWN, the NEA supports creative placemaking projects that help transform communities into lively, beautiful, and sustainable places with the arts at their core. DESIGN TEAM MEMBERS led by Atlanta, Georgia Designer Tim Frank and Pomerene Center for the Arts Artistic Director and Community Studio Artist Anne Cornell. Geni Devens – Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator; Byron Brenneman – Otterbein University, downtown historian; Jon Cotterman – CHS Tech Prep Teacher, Musician, Craftsman;…

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    3 schemes

    The Pomerene Center for the Arts recruited a team of 5 community members to work with Tim Frank to design an artPARK for 325 Main Street, Coshocton, Ohio. Referencing the history of the space as the site of the Park Hotel 1880-2005, the team was charged with designing a succession of outdoor rooms for comfort and compelling habitability.  The artPARK will serve as a place to display temporary public works of arts, show movies and present performances as well serve as an anchor for the revitalization of downtown Coshocton. Three spatial schemes were developed over the weekend of March 21, 2014 under the direction of Designer Tim Frank: Scheme #1…