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    Itty-bitty POM THEATRICALs—to think that I saw

    Itty-bitty POM THEATRICALs—to think that I saw led by Anne Cornell for children 3-5 years old 6wks | Friday mornings, 9:30-10:15am Jan. 20 – Feb. 24 $40 (limit 6 children) Itty-bitty POM THEATRICALs is a weekly play date for preschoolers at the Pomerene Center for the Arts.  The program encourages children to explore, discover and express themselves through movement & voice and through things they make. We welcome family members but only require an adult to stay if the child is still in diapers.  Check out our POM THEATRICALs programs for school-age children. Itty-bitty POM THEATRICALs, what we’ll be doing/how we’ll explore We’ll start ‘to think that I saw’ imaginative play by making telescopes out…

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    Pom Theatricals —a new all-around arts education experience

    POM THEATRICALs led by Mary Yaw McMullen & Anne Cornell The Pomerene Center for the Arts is introducing POM THEATRICALs —a new, all-around arts education experience for children K-3 and 4-8.  POM THEATRICALs  is designed to encourage a broad range of creative expression through the exploration of drama, writing, movement, visual arts and music. It’s a collaborative effort calling on all creative skills. Check out our POM THEATRICALs playdate for preschoolers. Little POM THEATRICALs – monkey in the cold rain Grades K-3, (limit 8 children)  $40 9:30 to 10:30am, Saturdays Jan 14-Feb. 18 Young POM THEATRICALs – empty bowl Grades 4-8, $40 11:00am to noon, Saturdays Jan 14-Feb. 18   Children will work together in small…

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    Family Picnics, Concerts and Art in July

    What better way to spend a summer evening than by making art with your family and friends? FAMILY PICNICS, CONCERTS & ART in JULY Thursdays in July from 5:30-7pm The Park space at 325 Main Street Pre-registration is appreciated: 740-622-0326 or pomerenearts@gmail.com Join the Pomerene Center for the Arts on Thursdays this July for fun family art activities, music and great bonding time! Bring your family and a picnic dinner and we’ll provide the art materials! IT’S ALL FREE!!!!! July 10th: Make your own Kazoo, Shekere or Guiro | music – Sarah Goslee Reed Make musical instruments to play along with Sarah Goslee Reed as she performs songs about nature…