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    Dave’s Chemo Journey

    Opening conversation Sunday April 5, 2pm Last August, Dave McCarty was diagnosed with colon cancer.  In response, to distract himself and see himself through, he picked up a paint brush. The creative activity sustained him enough that he continues to paint a month plus after his last chemotherapy treatment in February.   To celebrate with him, Dave’s wife Shelley McCarty and daughter Amber McCarty Lovett planned an exhibition of the art Dave painted over the course of his treatments.  Like so many events this exhibit — scheduled for April 4th at Hopewell School where Dave is employed — was cancelled.   The Pomerene has stepped in to hang the show and share…

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    Hanging through the Holidays

    Full with color, pattern and imagination —fantastical/almost exotic and generous in spirit—Sally Emslie's work is a perfect fit for the season. True to his interest in recording Coshocton places, stories and people, Ron Cummings has drawn the Johnson-Humrickhouse Home into his 14 charming illustrations of A VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS.

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      Opens Saturday, April 27th 6:30pm — Closes Friday, June 14th, 2019 after Jazz on the Lawn ARTIST STATEMENT History is past. It is a hazy memory filled with echoes, whispers and shadows; some good and some bad. The past has much to offer if we open ourselves up to the inspirations it holds. Some would call a person infatuated with the past a nostalgic. I guess that makes me one, since I find great meaning in revisiting the past and the experiences, memories, and people who fill it. This show, “The Art of Beallism”, echoes the past as, me meet in the present, to bring together art alumni from my…