Daughter, Mother

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DAUGHTER, MOTHER  3/1 – 4/27,  2013. A first time showing of the work of Megan and Marsha Tyhurst. Opening Friday, March 1 Daughter: Megan Tyhurst wants to be an author and illustrator.  She has finished her first book and is in the process of  working on her own illustrations for it. Her favorite medium to draw with […]

Introducing Myself.

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Hello. Let me introduce myself.       My name is Alex Hardesty. I’m a recent graduate from the Ohio State University, and like so many of my generational brethren, have found myself back home – not that there’s anything wrong with this, it’s just something that’s happened. And since my return I’ve noticed something about my […]

“Those Guys” mellow

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Those Guys | Friday, March 1, 7pm Genre: eclectic Suggested donation $10 Fri, March 1 at 7pm–The Pomerene Center welcomes THOSE GUYS for a mellow musical evening–meaning this is probably not the event for you if you need a thumping beat to stay awake. On the other hand, if you (check any or all of […]