Creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. The arts provide a perfect stage for developing these important skills.


As creators, performers, and audience members, we believe a community can find new ways of coming together...


The Pomerene employs new strategies and technologies to bring attention to our community's creative identity.


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Clary Gardens is expanding their annual Scarecrow Trail and adding a fall festival this year. We’re thinking we should be making scarecrows with children and families.

Coshocton Arts Homecoming+ 2019

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AUGUST 9 & 10, 2019     More than anything COSHOCTON ARTS HOMECOMING plus is a party—an excuse to get together and celebrate the arts created and performed by folks in the county and by our creative friends and family who live “outside!” IT’S A SIMPLE IDEA —people who live, or have lived, or work in Coshocton invite people they know […]